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We Help Government Tackle Big Problems

Evolving legislation and policy changes have big impacts on how you operate. Capio Group is your partner in navigating these changes. Our partners hail from top-tier technology consulting firms with experiences and insights from multiple industries, sectors, and markets. We leverage best practices to simplify work streams, increase delivery standards, and reduce risk.


Our goal is to deliver solutions that drive your organization forward, not merely fulfill a scope of service. We help our customers achieve their goals by truly understanding their processes, people, and values. Capio Group works together with our customers to deliver a solution tailored to their goals, both in the short and long-term.

Founded on the Principle of Integrity

Capio Group was created during a period of turmoil on a half a billion dollar project, in which a service provider consistently missed targets and was being fined thousands of dollars daily for failure to uphold contractual obligations. Alarmingly, this was the norm rather than the exception for many projects of similar size and scope.


Several months later, that service provider had diminished project responsibility and the partners of Capio Group were asked to help out. We dissected pitfalls on information technology contracts and spent years honing a more inclusive implementation approach working in close collaboration with our customers. By employing this approach, our customer was able to deliver the system in accordance with the project schedule. A few years later, the customer awarded the multi-million dollar maintenance project to Capio Group.

Your Trusted Advisor and Partner in Change

Call us idealistic, but we only work with customers we believe in. Capio Group is highly selective in the organizations we engage with and average nearly 10 contracts per customer. We believe in deep, long-lasting partnerships, and our customer retention and re-engagement rates serve as a testament to the value we provide and Capio’s ability to comprehensively tackle problems across an entire organization.


Our team of technology experts draws upon their industry-leading experiences to deliver the best solutions for our customers. We specialize in working with customers across various large and mid-sized government agencies.


Capio Group is committed to your long-term success. We are trusted advisors and partners looking to make a lasting positive impact on your organization. We like solving challenging problems, and we’re here to help, both during the course of the project and afterward, so you can rest assured that we will always be available when you need us.